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In a loop indeed! Didn't expect that ending!


Neat puzzles. Plus I love the witch's minimalistic face.


Really enjoying this game so far! Very simple puzzle game that really makes you get clever! 

I'm not sure if I'm playing it correctly, but I've found that sometimes I have to make lem walk into a wall or take the long way around the course so that he eventually makes it to the goal. I've actually been able to do it mostly without taking random guesses.

Been thoroughly enjoying Celias work recently, can't wait to finish playing it! 

Thanks for playing Golem Quest! You're spot on, we designed the puzzles so poor Lem needs to walk into walls to get through them. I'm glad you found it fun!


I like the system where even though we are not telling lem to think, we can still make some "if command = not possible, skip command" type systems using the terrain. the last level really made me think :D


Nice game, I like the minimalism here. The only issue I had was a small animation glitch with Forward Jump Forward Left in level 7 and Left Forward Jump Forward in level 8.


Please, add "programming" tag


Good idea, I just added it!


Nicely done! The super-constrained instruction list meant I had to use the terrain as an extra guide. Failed movements approximate a sort of "if-then" matching. I don't know my my solutions are the only ones, or the most efficient, but I did grab the grimoire and break the golem out of its loop.