🌹 a Blaseball fan game about the Boston Flowers and the Curse of Season 4 🌹

Flowers coach Beck Whitney is trying to keep moving forward, but the loses have taken their toll on her. Only you, her girlfriend Caligula Lotus, can comfort her. (Or at least increase her SMOOCH PROBABILITY stat.) 

Click "Run game" to launch. There are 4 possible endings. 🦇❤️🌺


Made by @etc_celia with Ink and a lot of love for Blaseball and its fandom. Submitted to the We Are All Love Blaseball jam (with special permission to submit a non-TTRPG!)

Don't know what Blaseball is? Here's an FAQ.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tagsbittersweet, blaseball, Dating Sim, Fangame, Romance, Short


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I loved it, it gave me the happy feels


I LOVE THE FLOWERS this is the best celia you did such a nice job


Seattle Garages fan here in peace. I loved this game and how it showed a tender moment in a dark time. We could all use something like this in these trying times. We are all love blaseball.