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the game was sooooo gud in act i even played it twice keep up the good work

I beat the game it was very fun and it's pretty !

I finished it but immediately accidentally clicked off the pop up, so now I don't know what it said

can someone who finished let me know what it said pls?

nvm, I restarted the game. It just says I've mastered every potion

i made a slime potion that always garentees a small profit while being incredibly cheap

made with green slime, green slime, and water

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I made a potion of greater healing that guarantees profit, costs 80, minimum profit of 80

made with red slime, pepperjack, and tincture of boredom

good game but grindy.

Please implement a save system I had gotten all potions other than a 2-star magnificent potion but I have lost all my progress

yeah  same thing. i had all except 3-star magnificent


No matter what I do, I can't make a zero star fondue. I've made everything else.


I did it! Finally!!


potion of greater healing with red slime, pepperjack, and essence of love is just broken. its guaranteed profit. good game though.


i would say potion of invisibility with purple slime brainstorm and dragon scale works better because you will always get the money spent making it back and have a 2 out of 3 chance of getting an extra 280 as well


Always happy when I see the notification that Celia and Rose released a new game! Another fun one, played once (sort of) for my channel and a few times on my own. I like that there's potions that as long as it can't X out, you will always make just a little coin for your time on it and have the chance to make more. Not only that but there's even stages of it so once you have more coin available you can sort of farm higher level potions safely as well. Very fun title! Good luck with the contest!

Thanks so much for playing and for the awesome video! It's always super exciting to get to see someone playing our game and it's great to hear what's working and not working.

We just updated the game so potions are even riskier than before, to make your gambling that much more exciting! (And also fixed the bug where an incorrect price was showing on the exploded potions...)


This is amazing! I kinda wish there was an ending, but so fun!

Thank you! Yeah, we ran out of time to put in an ending during the game jam, but just now I updated it and added in a notification if you manage to make one of every potion.


Great job!

Made me put some effort into this (spoilers!):

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Wow, nice! Rose and I were talking about doing all those calculations ourselves to make sure we had balanced the prices in the game, but we ran out of time during the jam to sit down and do it! It's awesome that you did.

For anyone reading this now, we just updated the game with better balanced ingredients and prices, so you'll have to do your own calculations and not rely on spidamoo's. :)


This is extremely cute! Glad I played it. <3