You're determined to find the source of the curse that has struck Althean wizards, even if it means venturing into an ancient underground fortress full of monsters. You have powerful spells at your disposal, but how far can you make it with only a limited amount of mana?

A choose-your-own-adventure game by @etc_celia, made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 39. The theme was "Running out of power".


  • Every time you cast a spell, it will cost more the next time you use the same spell, so think carefully.
  • At any point, you can undo your choice using the arrow in the top left, or go back to an earlier point by clicking the name of the room on the sidebar.
  • If the scrollbar is annoying, use the fullscreen button in the lower right.
  • Good luck!

Made with Twine 2. Icons are from, with some modification.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsFantasy, Ludum Dare 39, Twine
LinksLudum Dare


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I love how your games are so different in some ways but they all share this distinct straightfowardness or mechanical cleanness of sorts.
Thanks for letting people play these lil gems for free : D


That’s really awesome to hear, thank you!


(People, play the game before reading)

Awesome and clever mix of text adventure and puzzle! Thank you for sharing. At first, going back felt like cheating. It was much fun slowly figuring out that the back and forth mechanic was in fact necessary, as the adventure felt more and more like a combination lock. Brilliant.


how do i beat this game? i just can't figure it out!


Hey, this is a late response, but if you want to give it another shot, I'll give you a hint! There's a specific item you need to use to beat the sorcerer, and it's not the potion.


yeah just trying everything everywhere doesn't seem to get me any items, maybe you could give me a hint that pertains to a section of the game? or better yet if you don't mind it you can just give me the answer as i don't mind it ruining the challenge of the game.


Sure! SPOILER WARNING for anyone reading this -

The item you need is the amulet you get by casting polygot at the shrine (go deeper into the mountain, past the ogre.) That will protect you from the sorcerer's attack, meaning you can sacrifice health during the rest of the game and keep enough mana to fight him.


It took me a WHILE to reach the good ending for this game and it was satisfying when I did! I'd been going into the wrong area for a while but I'm glad there were branches and new experiences to be had in such a compact and visually on point game.


That was great! Good job! It was simple yet so well done, I'm using twine myself and I'm amazed at what you've managed to do! This was fantastic, keep up the good work.


I really enjoyed this! Even beat it on my first try ;)

The writing is good, and the game itself was simple and elegant enough that I didn't become overwhelmed with choices.

Good job!

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Okay, I've finished it! I was sure it wasn't beatable, but it turned out I wasn't doing something wrong, I was doing the wrong something. Very clever!

I kind of had three phases to my playthroughs.

  1. I just enjoyed being able to solve problems different ways,
  2. I obsessively mapped out decision trees trying to brute force a win
  3. Once I realized such a win was impossible, I just tried to find a new way to approach the story.

The writing is nice, it's a good timeless fantasy bit, like the best early 90s IF.  I especially like the verbosity of the reactions to wrong options. Nothing feels like it was rushed through, everything seems viable when you try it the first time.


Wow, that's awesome, that's basically how I was hoping the experience would play out! :D (Well, hopefully without step 2 getting too painful. :) ) Thanks for commenting, I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed it and had a good time figuring it out.


Crazy! I just released this today:

That's a funny coincidence! 😄