An interactive exploration of some fairytales, created for the Fairytale game jam using Twine.

I wanted to do the jam since I also made a fairytale-based game for Ludum Dare 35, and that was really fun. This time I found myself looking at the story The Old Woman in the Wood. Something about the table piled with rings caught my imagination, and used that as a jumping-off point to play with some other fairytales as well.

As an experiment, I included a link to the source text of each fairytale on the bookmark/sidebar - I'm very curious to hear if people use it and find it interesting when reading my version of the stories, or if it's distracting.


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"a ring that turns a huntsman into a princess," My favorite one of the many possibilites. At some point, I thought you were procedural generating the ring choices.

Nice! I wasn't familiar with, or had long forgotten, some of these. I like how you tied them together.