A short visual novel/dating sim about witches in training for GameBoy Jam 5 and Yuri Jam 2016, with art by rose11 (@rose_abernathy) and writing by celia14 (@etc_celia). Made with Phaser, Ink, and Aseprite. Font: PixelMix.


Use the Action button, Down, or Right to advance dialogue. Use Up or Left to rewind. (But you can't change your choices, so choose carefully!) You can press the Menu button at any time to see your current stats.

  • Directions: Arrow keys or WASD
  • Action button: A, E, Z, Enter, or Space
  • Menu button: B, R, X, or Shift


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cute little game, I love magical themes in general and the GameBoy style. I also like the wholesome feel it has :) 


Really nice, short and sweet game! Even studying can become a fun game mechanic with the right style!


Inky-dinks is my favorite!


This game is so cute! I love the art, the interactions, the GUI... everything, basically!

if the author has not abandoned its project and this app was written in renpy, I can offer you my help as a translator for Russian language

It's not in Renpy, I'm afraid. Thanks for the interest though!


Awww, what a lovely little game <3


This was very sweet (and exactly the right length for me (laugh)). I love how there seems to be two ways to "succeed" in the exam and the archetypes picked for the characters. Special mention for picking a gender neutral PC name, too.


That was super cute! I don't suppose there's any chance of a downloadable version?

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Hm, we're not planning on it, sorry!

That's okay! I figured it doesn't hurt to ask. :) Thanks for making such an adorable game!


Also, this is a cute game!


Well, that was adorable.

is it worth downloading?


It's a Browser game, you don't download it, you can just play it on your computer! :)