A visual novel/dating sim about witches in training for GameBoy Jam 5, with art by rose11 (@rose_abernathy) and writing by celia14 (@etc_celia). Made with Phaser, Ink, and Aseprite. Font: PixelMix.


  • Arrow keys or WASD
  • Action button: A, E, Z, Enter, or Space
  • Menu button: B, R, X, or Shift

Use action, down, or right to advance dialogue, and up or left to rewind. (But you can't change your choices, so choose carefully!) You can open the menu at any time to see your current stats.

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Published14 days ago
AuthorsCelia, Rose Abernathy
TagsDating Sim, Pixel Art, Romance, Visual Novel, witches
Player countSingleplayer

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