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Inky-dinks is my favorite!


This game is so cute! I love the art, the interactions, the GUI... everything, basically!

if the author has not abandoned its project and this app was written in renpy, I can offer you my help as a translator for Russian language

It's not in Renpy, I'm afraid. Thanks for the interest though!


Awww, what a lovely little game <3


This was very sweet (and exactly the right length for me (laugh)). I love how there seems to be two ways to "succeed" in the exam and the archetypes picked for the characters. Special mention for picking a gender neutral PC name, too.


That was super cute! I don't suppose there's any chance of a downloadable version?

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Hm, we're not planning on it, sorry!

That's okay! I figured it doesn't hurt to ask. :) Thanks for making such an adorable game!


Also, this is a cute game!


Well, that was adorable.

is it worth downloading?


It's a Browser game, you don't download it, you can just play it on your computer! :)