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awhhhhh how sweet


Oh my goshhh I love this so much <33 

My gosh dis was so cute and the game is pretty fun❤️❤️✨✨👌


i love this game!

the letters were so easy to get, and it helped me think of good conversation starters next time i'm in public!




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I GOT ALL THE LETTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







i agree with noodle. how?

I feel the need to spoil the fun and say that I got them all in 5 minutes D:

19 hours? It took me 15 minutes, after I figured out what to do

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how??? it took me like 5 mins


brought a smile to my face, this game is so cute <3

cute <3


This was so adorable. I love the progression. It was just enough time to go through all the dialog options. Great work!

Super cute and validating <3

Really simple but really cute! I do loved playing it!

Does anyone know how to get the swf file for nod? I tried running it on itch via ruffle, but it didn't work out.

Short but sweet! This is one of the most original concepts for a puzzle game that I can remember. So cute.

My mind totally does this, NPC energy but with letters. I felt really touched by this game, Thank you for this experience of understanding and acceptance.

This was a really creative way to share the experience of shyness. Really cute!

I really love this. Hope there will be more game like this in the future.


this was so cute and chill - loved it!

wahh this was so cute T-T!

Ironically that this girl's name is the same as mine irl! And I had a lot of fun with this one!

omg this is extremely cuteee!!!! i love it




heartwarming! AND THE GIRL IS SO CUTE !!!!

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Aww this was so cute and super satisfying! AND SHE IS SO CUTE


i really like this games concept also i think that this game is made from experience

and not from an idea (except the idea to make it into a game)






Simple concept, cute game!
I do like how there's a lot you can get out of conversations even after getting all the letters !! Nicely done!


Great game! I love how you made a pangram at the end!

how do u type in this game...


You have to pick an option at the bottom with the letters you have. For example, your first play through would have to be "..." options until an option with only the letters in NOTHING, like "No!"


i win


Very cute, fit the theme, too. I do wish there was a skip/fast-forward button.


holy shit, i love this game please make another but with music would be great, nice job.


This game was so satisfying and fun to play 🤩 thanks for making this!!! 🙂 it would be great if you could make another game like this!!!!


so cute the best game ever


Lovely game! i had fun unlocking all the letters and finally telling her! <3 

great job.


Really cute and well made :)!


The thing i hate about this is once you say "hey zoe i have something to tell you" They dont let you do it again please fix i

it was fixed

Hey, I'm catching up on notifications and just seeing this. In the current version of the game, after confessing once, you should have the option to confess on every subsequent playthrough. If you're seeing something different, please feel free to provide more details or a screenshot and I'll look into it. Either way, thanks for playing and commenting!


Any chance to download and any dev for a sequel?


Hey, so we have no plans to offer a downloadable version of the HTML5 game ourselves, but if you have the app you can download it and play offline.

No specific sequel plans right now, but I wouldn't rule out the idea of Zoe making a reappearance in the future. :)

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