You're on a date with a cute girl, but you're feeling tongue-tied... Can you puzzle out how to confess your feelings?

In this dating sim, your dialogue options are limited by what letters you've unlocked. Make note of what you'd like to say - as you explore the conversation with Zoe, you earn hearts you can use to unlock more letters.

An unofficial sequel to Nod.


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i absolutely loved this game!! it's simple and i really enjoyed the premise and the dialogue!

adorable! i loved this

D'awwwww :3 Such a sweet game!

*checks off "go on a date" from things to do in the 2010s*

Really liked it! Such a simple, sweet game.

such a sweet game :)


Such a nice concept and a cute execution. I love it!

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Great game, love it!


Blushes intensely lol


Oh. My. Gosh. This is the ccutest dating sim I've played maybe in forever. Thank you so much for this! The idea is really cool, reminds me of myself ^-^'


Excellent work to the both of you (rose11/ celia14)!
The art is really cute, and the dialog is well written. A fantastic example of a small completed project with simplicity and quality content in mind. :)


Wonderful idea in its simplicity!


very endearing


Remind me of those good memories! Thanks! For this game


I loved this so much! I don't usually play any dating sim type of games, but I'm glad I decided to try this. Are you ever going to make more of these?


Thank you! And I definitely think we'll make more cute dating sims in the future. (We've been considering making a sequel to Witchwood Academy, for one!)


my brain can't take it... the game is so good

(now you got me staring at all the letters on my keyboard while typing. i m glad i got all the letters to express it)

it is at its core a memory game, with the player strategising the correct combination of letters and remembering them until the end.

i quite like the vibe of expecting new dialogues when i hit the right response, but i suppose you have got not enough time to make a drastic change early into the game. i just wished it branch sooner and perhaps wider. but you have already done much.

very good graphics. really nice to ba able to play in mobile (esp. portrait mode)

Sorry, but how do you download it?

There’s no downloadable version right now, since you can play right in your browser. Just click on the title screen to start.

Oh, thanks!


I think this is the best game on this LD I've played. The mechanic is so simple and powerful and gives a refreshing twist on the old "visual novel" genre, and it uses the theme perfectly, and the art if great and it has deep cute mood, so basically checks all the boxes for me!


aaaaa so cute :D


I normally hate DatingSims/VisualNovels but this game was surprisingly fun to go back through the same scenario as it expands with each letter you earn. Not to mention it's pretty adorable.


The game goes well with the theme and its just simply a very good idea. Love the looks of the game. It would have been more fun if there was a way to lose.


This was a super cute game!