You're on a date with a cute girl, but you're feeling tongue-tied... Can you puzzle out how to confess your feelings?

In this dating sim, your dialogue options are limited by what letters you've unlocked.  To unlock more letters, earn hearts by getting to know Zoe. Note that you can't score a heart from a line you've already scored, so keep exploring the conversation if you want to unlock more letters and let Zoe know how you feel.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(1,171 total ratings)
AuthorsCelia, Rose
GenreVisual Novel, Puzzle
TagsCute, Dating Sim, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 45, Romance
LinksLudum Dare
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THIS IS SO CREATIVE AAAAA and cuteeee!!! I love this game, very uniqueeeee

Loved the idea! It's a nice story too.

Really cute idea and well executed!

took me a while to get all the letters, but gosh im such a sucker for a cute romantic ending and this game is so cutee


Such a cute game! I really love it

love this game I am confused why for most the game I have to say .............


this game made me realize how much of a hopeless romantic I am :')

all jokes aside, this game was super wholesome and while being very short lived, i thoroughly enjoyed it! as someone with social anxiety, i feel as if the dialogue was intended for people with some form of fear when it comes to dating. :)


I really like this idea, and there are enough options to explore that I didn't feel too frustrated going round again


So cool! Got a bit frustrated having to do like maybe 2 loops more than necesary, but shes such a sweet girl!


its so frustrating when you dont have the right letters and then have to go ...


this took much longer than it should have tbh


this was so cute!!! the mechanics were different and fun even for a short game :]




this was adorable!!!! thank you so much <333



I really liked this game even though it was pretty short, the game mechanic was really unique.


Great game! as someone who finds themselves unable to talk to someone, this game sums it up really well! 


ahhhh that was so cute !! loved the game <


Amei o jogo! Adorei a mecânica de diálogo e o estilo visual. Me identifiquei muito :) nota 10/10


A really fun short game. I was really frustrated when I couldn't pick a word because of a single letter. I think it conveys the feeling of being shy pretty good.


So cute, I loved this little short game. All the small details made it so wholesome.


This game is so wholesome, I lost my words !

interesting concept! i played through to the end (rare for me)


I like how her name is Zoe so that we have a reason to unlock the Z letter.

Cute game though, 5 stars.


you press the screen! (press her face or around that)


looks like my ex, played anyway, regret


i couldn't stop smiling, this game is so wholesome

This was a adorable 🥺


This was a very nice game. It was really cool seeing a unique dialogue system like this. Great work!

I love the game! It's so sweet and, like, real..? I feel the same way, when i'm going on a date with somdebody. Exactly me


i love zoe, she seems literally SO sweet!! ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Very lovely, and as others have already said I do love the letter unlocking mechanic too :D
Also (minor spoilers) I like that you can continue the game even after you've reached "The End" and look at some other possible dialogue options 


This is a cute idea and I relate to it a lot.

Cute game! :) :) Simple but interesting idea.

YES. :)


I would play a whole game based around a letter based health system or unlockable like this. This was fantastic!


genius, i luv it so much (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👌


Super cute and simple game. Haven't seen something like it before

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