A game about a one-room schoolhouse by celia14/@etc_celia and rose11/@rose_abernathy, made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 37.

(Please be patient if the game takes a moment to load!)

Click here for the jam version - since then, we've updated the appearance and fixed some bugs.

Little Tacy wants to pass a note to her sister Laura, but the note has to cross the entire one-room schoolhouse to reach her. The students don't all get along, so the note may have to take a circuitous route!


  • Pass the note to adjacent students using the arrow keys/WASD
  • Hold shift to toss the note two spaces away

Make sure a note-passer only sends the note on to someone with at least two qualities in common with them - if the receiver is too different, they won't cooperate and pass on the note!

These are the qualities that matter:

  • Gender
  • Clothing color
  • Age, which is also reflected in where they sit. The youngest kids sit in the front, the oldest in the back, and the both middle rows are in-between.

It'll be tricky to find a route from Tacy in the bottom left to Laura in the top right, but there is one!

Sounds: psst by SkyRaeVoicing, woosh by toyoto, paper by XTYL33, bell by CosmicEmbers

Music: Fantasy in E Major by Ilya Truhanov via freesoundtrackmusic.com

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Published88 days ago
TagsLudum Dare 37, Pixel Art

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