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This was a short cute game! I would recommend to others

i actually like this i'm a person who like lengthy games and this is just rlly captivating and amazing, like the graphics too 10/10 i recommend downloading this 

I love this game!! I like the idea of adding on letters as you go through the game, and honestly it's really fun. Also Zoe is so cute!! ///

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This explained how I communicate with other people. I have social anxiety and some other disorders that make it hard for me to communicate with others. Thank you to whoever made this game because it really did help me cope with my communication problems. <3


this was so good!! so fun. i loved this mechanic

i finally got the time to play this!! it was so worth it! it was absolutely adorbs!!!!!


adorable <3


So cute! I love the concept and the game <3




awwww this is so cute -///-


aaaaa shes so cute!!! this is so cute!!! heres hoping for one with a guy!

love it hope you can make more like this!!

nice game xd


I'm glad finished getting all the letters, that last few comments were worth it.

Great concept, cool ambiance. Thanks for making it :)


Adorable I love that you have to really pay attention to what letter you need to continue the conversation, it's really funny that I got all but X and J towards the end and then realized I needed those letters the most to do the confession piece. This game is so sweet!

I finally finished it and got all of the letters and this was SO FREAKING GOOD!!  And it was free to play, so bonus points for that! 10000000000/10 💛💛💛


love this game, 11/10 recommend you play it. also I want a dog called pumpkin now.


Did you really just link a rickroll



such a fun and lovely game hehe <3


Why she blue?

I want her thick








eeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEE this game is so adorable i loved it

I loved this game! so cute

cute game :) 


Her reaction when I told her my dog's name was pumpkin 😊



dw i got it also shes so cuteee aa


this was so cute, i loved it so much <3


This is such a cute and kinda relatable game <33


The idea of game is incredible, all dialogues are so cute and good, nice game ! <3


Got all the letters and it only took a few minutes, the game is easy and simple and a very good concept make more games like this please :)

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